Too Many Choices:

Working in an elementary school library is a dream come true. I have always had an affinity for children's books and spent most of my own money on books for classroom libraries while teaching 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade. My husband was always shocked and would ask, "why did you get MORE kids books? Doesn't your classroom have enough?!" Enough books…NEVER! I had books in every nook and cranny, spilling over my colored book bins, creeping out of cabinets, and piled high on desks. Is there such a thing as giving kids too many books to choose from?

In a sense, this does pose an interesting thought. There can be an overwhelming sense of uncertainty with such a variety and amount available in a library collection. Some students just don't even know where to begin. I created these Dewey Decimal Signs BRIGHTS or Chevron to highlight areas for our library readers.

Click here to find these at my store. Enjoy!

How do you promote book care in the library? We teach an orientation lesson and post these rules on book care throughout the library. Click here to view.

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