Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March: Currently

It's a fairly cold and quiet Tuesday night at my house. Here's the "Currently" for March. Thanks Oh Boy It's Farley for always coming up with this monthly link up.

A few notes:
Listening...sometimes I find myself not turning anything on at all. Do you ever turn all background noise off to get things done?

Loving... I have been going through my inherited library office and school and finding all sort of treasures... VHS recording camera anyone? I am pretty sure I could start a museum for students to see what it was like before iPads and smart phones invaded.

Thinking... I am an aunt and live over 700 miles away. Sounds torturous...and it is! I cannot wait until Spring Break to see that little cutie again.

Wanting and Needing... warmer weather. But for now I will settle for a warm cup of Vanilla Comoro decaf tea.

Have a great week!


  1. I totally understand needing quiet time. I teach kindergarten and my room is busy and NOISY- just how I like it. I do find that when I am driving home at the end of the day, I will turn the radio off and just revel in the peace and quiet.


  2. Such a cute blog! I live in Louisiana, and we're hitting the 78 degree mark this week! Our winter was very mild, thank goodness, because I am a wimp in cold weather. Good luck de-cluttering your office :)

    Elementary Brown-ies

  3. I love your name. I had a student named Lynnea, although she spelled it with an 'i' and I've loved it ever since.

    Good luck on the warmer weather and the absence of snow. I lived in Wisconsin for awhile so I know how long winter can linger around there.

  4. Silence? What's that?! It sounds amazing. I must get me some. Happy decluttering! It's always so refreshing to get rid of the unneeded stuff.

  5. I love working in silence! My boyfriend doesn't understand it at all, lol.