Friday, October 2, 2015

Five for Friday: Library Ideas and More

It's FRIDAY! Woo hoo! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to bring you 5 fun ideas for the classroom, library, and BEYOND.

After reading "The Way I Feel" by Janin Cain our first graders took emotion and feeling pictures depicting the emotions found on the cards. They had a blast and the pictures will become a darling slideshow for parents to view at conferences. 

Worked on creating and hiding golden tickets in the library this year. I have printed on golden/orange reversible card stock to showcase a reading surprise inside some of my favorites in the library. Students get so excited when they discover these secret tickets. For prizes, I have a collection of Scholastic books and trinkets for them to choose from. Students then get the honor of re-hiding these tickets in a secret book of their choosing. Happy hiding!

Golden Tickets:
Hide these treasures in classic books and watch as kids are surprised to find a golden ticket inside. This is a fun way to try and get kids to read classics and try something new. Plus- who wouldn't want a golden ticket reminiscent of the ones given out by Mr. Wonka himself.

Another one of my favorite things in our library is the addition of colorfully packaged "classics". I had run into the problem of my Kindergarten boys only wanting lego books and Star Wars. We decided to get creative and colorful and package some of our favorite books and turn them into surprises. The kids are going crazy over these and shout with glee "I have a surprise book!" "I found a mystery book!" It has been a HUGE success!

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover Label:
This label began as an incentive for our little ones to choose classics in the library. They now love finding these “mystery” or “treasure” books each week. It is a great way to motivate kids to try something new. Click here for your own "Don't Judge a Book".

Created some display signs to spotlight books about pumpkins, bats, fall, and halloween. Kids start asking for Halloween books by October 1st. I had to be ready. :) If interested, these 3 signs and 9 bookmark patterns are a dollar in my store. Click here to view

We went on a walk in the gorgeous lake/woods area close to our house and I snapped this picture. I am constantly reminded of God's grace and glory surrounding us. Thankful for the word today and taking time each morning to focus my mind on Christ. It is amazing the difference when taking time to be in the word.

Well that pretty much sums it up. I hope you all had a wonderful week.


  1. Oh I love the Don't Judge cards! Such a cute idea! :) Happy Friday!
    Lewallen’s Little Learners

  2. love that verse! it always makes me think of Amy Grants song version of it!

  3. I love your golden tickets! What a great way to get them to branch out!

  4. I love the golden tickets and surprise books! That is so fun and creative!
    Shine on in First Grade

  5. The golden tickets and surprise books are AWESOME ideas! Love it!

  6. I love all of your library ideas! And that verse is perfect to keep in mind always!
    xo Pam
    Hedgehog Reader