Saturday, September 5, 2015

Teacher Week 15: Favorite Subject

Last post to link up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week 2015. Make sure to check out the other posts about favorite subjects. If silent reading or creative writing were official subjects...then those were my favorite as a teacher and a student.

However, I am now in my dream job teaching a class called Digital Media. This is definitely my favorite subject. I love every minute of my day working with Kindergarten-5th grade. I teach digital literacy skills which include: information literacy, technology literacy, digital citizenship, and of course library skills. I really think I have the best job in the world. No day is alike and I am now in a role where I could compare myself to more of a grandma. Let me explain...As a teacher, sometimes you feel like a mom...especially when one of your students actually calls you mom (true story!). You spend all day with these precious kiddos and sometimes have the tough job of disciplie and having students participate in groan-worthy activities like tests and homework. As a Digital Literacy Specialist (techie librarian), I am more like a grandma. I get to have the kids for a brief time to teach them fun and interactive lessons without the discipline and mandated testing. It is a beautiful thing and I am so thankful for this opportunity every single day.

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  1. Wow! Your position sounds like it offers a lot of room for creativity and FUN. It would be awesome to have this at my school. I love how you refer to yourself as their "grandma!"

    Thanks for sharing!
    The Crescent City Classroom