Saturday, September 5, 2015

Teacher Week 15: Classroom Tour

How do you know you are exhausted? How about falling asleep at 7:30  on a Friday night and waking up over 12 hours later. Wow! This week was jam packed and it was only the second week of school. 3 curriculum nights down with presentations to parents about the technology changes at our school...and I am exhausted! Labor Day weekend could not have come at a better time. I am going to catch up on my TeacherWeek15 blog posts for Wednesday-Friday from Blog Hoppin' now that I am able to keep my eyes open. First up-classroom tour.

Now I have a whole library to set up and I absolutely love our space. As soon as you walk in you see all out NEW books on spotlight. They have signs sticking out that say "Read me. I'm NEW!"

I upcycled the book jackets from Bound to Stay Bound purchases to make collage letters across the picture book section of our library. I love how bright and open the windows make this space.

Here are the tables where students search for books and place holds. 

We are trying something new and pulling out our playaways and audiobooks for kids to find easily.

Just for are a few images of my classroom 2 years ago when I taught 4-5 grade literacy. 
Here is where I would post our subject objectives and student work. Putting bulletin board paper on these cabinets was definitely one of my biggest decor challenges!

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  1. Thank you thank you for sharing this! I am a library media specialist as well and I love seeing library reveals! I love so many things about your space! I too am doing the where you will go reading directional tree thing.