Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Find a Face Creative Writing #FacesinThings

I am always looking for ways to incorporate creative writing in the classroom and foster imagination in our kiddos. I was inspired myself by Pixar's short "The Blue Umbrella", which play at the beginning of Monsters University. This clips shows the city coming to life in unusual ways and helping reunite two balloons. Personification at its best...thank you Disney.

I was inspired to combine photography and creative writing in this lesson plan bundle (complete with PowerPoint slideshow to show students and printables galore to start this activity in your classroom!) 

Challenge students to "find a face" in an inanimate object. Students will love this creative writing activity. It is also a great way to use the camera feature on the iPad or tablet in the classroom. Use your tablets/devices or cameras to have students find pictures of everyday objects that look like they have faces. This could also be sent home as homework that a family can look for photos together. Students could also work in teams and go on a "nature walk" looking for faces in things around your school.This helps bring the concept of personification to life!

Click on this preview below to see this product in my store. Happy writing!

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