Friday, March 13, 2015

Freebie Friday: Spelling on a Roll

It's time for FREEBIE FRIDAY and I love sharing this March activity.
Let's face it…practicing spelling is not always the favorite activity of our students. Are you in a spelling rut? Well…break out the dice and let's get rolling….literally. Introducing "Spelling on a Roll" and "Roll SUM Words". Students can liven up their spelling practice with these freebies for March.

1. Spelling on a Roll: Students roll the die and write the word listed under the number rolled.

2. Roll SUM Words: Add some math skills into spelling with Roll SUM words. Students roll two die and add the values to get the sum before writing the word listed below each sum. 2s and 12s are bonus rolls and students have to write a challenge word.

Both templates also include a blank template so that you can customize with your own spelling words. Listen to the dice roll as your students improve their spelling. Enjoy! Click here to download your freebie! Click here to download this freebie from my store.

For a full monthly Spelling on a Roll visit my store and click on this link to view Spelling on a Roll Full Product…. with templates from August-May to use with your students.

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