Friday, March 20, 2015

FREEBIE FRIDAY: Clean Desk Awards

When teaching second graders it was an absolute necessity to have occasional desk cleaning days. And I mean DEEP cleaning. It was always amazing to me what we would find….a treasure hunt of disgusting. Socks, old gummies, and chewed on toys of all kids would appear-I have no idea, but the sticky mess was sure interesting. Cleaning and maintaining organization at this age is essential. Meet today's freebie…Clean Desk Pack. This contains slips or desk coupons that you can slip in clean desks along with a little treat to encourage organization. I also always gave out a monthly clean desk award to a student who was always responsible and took pride in their organization. This pack can help motivate those who seem to be taking on the form of Pigpen from Charlie Brown. :)

Clean the button to download your freebie. Happy Friday!

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