Monday, February 16, 2015

Digital Citizenship

Living in the "information age" how do you promote digital citizenship in your classroom/school?
Being the Digital Literacy Specialist at an elementary school, it is one of my jobs to promote responsible, respectful, and safe integration of technology. One of the things that I do to teach students about the importance of being good digital citizens is using a "technology treasure box" filled with tips of how students can safely use technology and develop positive digital footprints. I use these posters all year to remind students of the importance of digital citizenship. Check out these products at my store: Digital Citizenship PowerPoint and Poster Pack and Bookmarks.


I also promote using our devices in a safe and responsible way by posting these signs around our library and in classrooms. We have the color printer and try to teach students the importance to using resources wisely. Visit my store to view: Technology Care Poster Pack, iPad Care Poster Pack, and Printing Posters.

How do you promote digital citizenship year round at your school?

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