Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Death by PowerPoint: Creating Powerful Presentations

We've all been there. Sitting as a victim suffering from "death by PowerPoint"… Too much text, crazy graphics, animations galore, and dare I say it… reading word for word off the screen?!? In education, one of our jobs is to direct kids and teach them how to be powerful presenters. They need to convey information learned in a thoughtful and engaging way to their audiences. In this presentation, I tackled many of the common mistakes that presenters make using PowerPoint. The technology/presentation tips focus on the following

  • Size, font, and amount of text on slides
  • Use of graphics
  • Animations and transitions
  • Practice
  • Editing
Students had to find and guess the mistakes shown on each slide and then learn the proper way to have powerful presentations. This made a world of difference and "death by PowerPoint" definitely got students thinking about their own PowerPoint presentations and staying away from too many cute graphics and animations all over their slides. They are becoming more polished and professional and I couldn't be more proud. Click here to see this in my store.

How do you help guide students to use PowerPoint effectively?

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