Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Creative Writing with a Sub: Create-a-Story

Let's be honest. Teaching is tough. Totally rewarding and undeniably fun, but TOUGH. Late hours, unending e-mails, and lesson plans galore…not to mention you better not get sick! In a profession where you are surrounded by germs and runny noses, it is almost impossible to take a sick day without having to scavenge together last minute sub plans. The dreaded sub plans…almost worth reconsidering that sick day. I remember the guilty feeling when putting together sub plans with a movie and a few "activities" for students to work on while I was at home in bed. Not exactly engaging. That was until I found a creative way to keep engagement up in the classroom…and it involved writing. Yes, you did hear that correctly---my students LOVED the writing I would assign with substitutes. They would beg to have more create-a-story writing in class. Use these no fail writing templates to keep students engaged in creative writing with or without a substitute.

How do these work?
1. Brainstorm how to create a picture with the shape in the picture frame. Consider this circle template… That circle could magically become a sun, basketball, ice cream cone, lollipop, wheel, eye ball, or even a turtle!

2. After taking time to draw and (color) a picture, students write a creative and descriptive story about their picture.

3. Students can share their creativity with each other and watch how one shape can develop into many different stories.

Have fun watching your the creative juices flow!

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